long time; no talk! New stuff!

November 12, 2011

Hello to all!
sorry i haven’t blogged in forever! We have been so busy here and have really been buckeling down for the winter.

Markets ended and we did really great! I decided to start our own once a month market in October, November, and December. Its right on the farm and from 10am to 2pm. The November one is on the 19th and the December one is on the 17th. The first one had a great turn out and we hope the November one is even better than the last!

The next big thing that is coming up is we raised the turkey’s so now we have to get those ready to sell. So i have been busy contacting people for those.

We are also looking to do some other winter events and you will have to wait and see what we come up with next!

Sorry this is short. But don’t worry i will be posting more next week!

Thanks for waiting patiently!

Jessica Jean. 🙂


Fall is approaching..

August 19, 2011

Well a lot has been happening this last couple of weeks. Jen and Jess both took mini vacations and are now back working full time on the farm. Ron has been away on business since Tuesday and is coming back tonight. Its always nice when he returns because the whole family is around again.

We moved the turkeys from the small barn into the big barn and they are growing fast. So don’t forget to reserve your turkey for the holidays! They are going to be soooo good.

The leaves on the trees are starting to change color, I noticed this while driving back from Mt. Vernon this morning. I cant believe that in the middle of August we already have falling leaves. I guess we need to appreciate what we have at the moment and be blessed with what we have in front of us now.

The markets are going great, we finished up last week at our wholesale market in Seattle. It was a really great market and we got a lot of great contacts and made some new connections.

Well we are all off to do deliveries and get stuff in order for markets tomorrow.

Have a great day!

-Jessica Jean

Change is good!

August 5, 2011

Well hello again everyone!

things have been going smoothly around here, we got all of our first cutting hay done and just as we got the second cutting down some weird weather came about and now some of it is wet. Guess it cant always go your way.

Other new exciting stuff around here, Jennifer (oldest) is on vacation in Wyoming, which sounds like a ton of fun considering they have warm weather! Roshel is to start volleyball at the high school as a junior soon and is getting really excited to play again.

Shelly and Ron are still busy as ever. Shelly has been doing tastings at all the PCC Natural Markets the last week and had a really great turn out for that. The more people that know about our hot dogs in the stores the better.

We had new some baby kittens awhile ago and finally some of them have come out of hiding and are becoming quite friendly, which is always fun! there is a little white and gray one. We are still deciding on a name.. if you have a good name for it, let us know we love hearing of creative names for the cute creatures around the farm.

Well im off to make some signs.

Have a blessed day!

-Jessica Jean

long summer!

July 25, 2011

Well a lot has been going here on the farm the last 2 weeks. I have been not been blogging, sorry!
The parents went out of town for a week on business so Jennifer and I were in charge of getting things in order around the farm. It all went very well, markets were great and we even added a new market into our mix of things. We went down to Seattle and went to a wholesale market that is for restaurants and big companies, were we offered our hot dogs and pepperoni at, as well as our bulk hamburger. It went very well and we made a lot of good contact with people there.

Its a ever moving process here on the farm trying to get products to move in a forward motion and to have the sales to keep us going. We went and picked up pork the other day so we have a bunch of pork available now as well. Now is a good time to start putting money away to buy a beef or pork in large quantity for the winter. Comes in handy when you can just walk to the freezer and pick it up and not have to go the store.

We finally got our haying done took us awhile because of the weather, which was nice all weekend and now is raining today. What a bummer!

The animals are all growing, the calves are getting very big and the chickens and turkeys are growing very fast! Everything around here is going smoothly and we are picking up on are sales.

Just a reminder we are at 3 markets a week, please come and visit us at them!

-Coupeville: Sat 10am to 2pm.
-Anacortes: Sat 9am to 2pm.
-Oak Harbor: Thursday 4pm to 7pm.

Remember to support local!

Have a great day!

-Jessica Jean 🙂

July 4th!

July 5, 2011

We had a great July 4th here on the farm this year! We had many great friends over and great beef brisket along side fresh crab and clams from down at the beach in front of our house! the fourth is such a grand time of year where many people get together to share in each others company and watch the fire works.

The weather is finally turning into something, so we are cutting and drying the grass for hay! hopefully we will get some bailing done as well to help start stocking food for the winter for the cows.

Our baby turkeys and chickens are getting very big and the other day while I was in the barn I saw baby kittens running around and having a good time. The baby calves are also having a great time running around the field and playing chase with each other.

Its turning into such an amazing summer and I am already sad that I have to leave in a month to go back to school. Its no fair but I do love what I am doing at school so that’s what matters!

Well im off! have a great day and a wonderful week!

– Jessica Jean

Summer is here!

June 27, 2011

Finally we are seeing the sun outside! we are able to start on cutting hay and bailing it. What a great feeling to start on a little hay.

The market season is in full bloom each market each week is gaining more and more regulars. The good weather brings out the good customers. Make sure you come and see the sisters at the farmers markets Thursdays 4pm to 7pm in oak harbor. Saturdays at Coupeville 10am to 2pm and Anacortes 9am to 2pm. We would love to see everyone.

The family is going a hundred different ways 3 each day. Roshel is still doing volleyball twice a week and is helping around the farm doing odd jobs here and there. Jennifer is working full time for our parents doing field work and is really turning into quite the mechanic! Jessica is doing office work and trying to get our products more noticed around Whidbey, she also works nights at CIAO in Coupeville where is waitress’ to get extra money for college. Shelly is managing all of the people around here and making sure things get done. Ron is keeping the cows healthy and making sure all things are running smoothly.

Our family is doing it all around this farm! hope that you are enjoying our product that we put our hard work into.

Have a great Monday!
-Jessica Jean

here’s a picture from our newest photo shoot for promo posters and ads! you will soon see this picture all around Whidbey and off Island.

June 15, 2011


What is new?

June 15, 2011

I always wondered what people really want from us (farmers) this day and age. Do they want good product that might take a week or so to get or would they like a so so product that they can get in a day. In this time in the world things need to be fast and ready right away, but in reality not everything can be that way. The cows that we are raising, it takes time for them to grow to a standard that we feel is perfect. People need to understand that we are the ones doing everything around this huge farm and we can do so much in a 24 hour day. Good product takes time, and hopefully we can give you that product and you can enjoy it to a standard of what you think beef should taste like.

We have finally finished silage which took about a week and half to get all finished and put into the silage pit. Thanks to Bob Engle and his crew for coming in and chopping for us, it went much faster, We love helping other farmers and collaborating with each other shows local support for each. We were able to cover to pit yesterday with the help of our hired man Jake, who helps out big time around here during the summer. We also had the help from Zachary, a hired man from another farm which made the job go by extremely fast. Thanks to all the guys and gals that made this week of harvest go by with a breeze.

All the animals are doing well, the turkeys and chickens are growing so fast I honestly think they grew over night! Markets last week were a great success and we love seeing our regulars at the market.

We are off to Seattle tomorrow to deliver meat to ship up to Alaska! hope you all enjoy your meat!

Well im off to make lunch for the family as they come in.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

-Jessica Jean

New Week; New day :)

June 6, 2011

Well it has been crazy around here lately. We got to do farmers markets on Thursday and Saturday! The sun has finally come out so its time for silage this summer. Everyone is getting the tractors ready and getting things in order for the week of hustle.

This week Shonuff Catering was at the market and cooked our hot dogs and it was a great success. Everyone loved them and I sold out at the Coupeville market. Also at the Anacortes market Hot diggity dog catering sells the hot dogs as well, that was also a great day.

The cows are all out grazing and enjoying themselves, calves are playing chase in the tall grass, and we have a new addition to the farm family 100 baby chicks and 50 baby turkey’s!!!! They are so cute and growing daily.

Well im off to help on the farm.

Enjoy the sun and have a merry Monday!

-Jessica Jean

Got some bull?

May 27, 2011

Well this week we had the Sackmann family (http://www.sackmanncattle.com) come to Oak Harbor and drop off our bulls that we had bought at auction a few months ago. I was lucky enough to travel from Great Falls, MT to there red, white, and black bull sale in Othello, WA, where we bought the two bulls that are now living on our farm. Auctions are one the many things that I enjoy in life, I love the action and intensity on peoples faces as they buy there prize bull.
Jeff and Jamie brought there three adorable kids and we had a blast. Molly and I were joined at the hip as we walked around the farm and she asked a million questions about whats what. They also brought there twins and they had a blast as well. That day was full of young life and energy all around the farm and house.

Yesterday we did the Oak Harbor Farmers Market, it was a blast! We got to see many familiar faces and sell sell sell!! We were unsure if we were going to have a lot of people recognize us, but they did and it was a great success! So we are going to now be doing the OH Farmers Market Thursdays from 4 to 7pm every Thursday!

Hope you have a great FRIDAY!

-Jessica Jean